Welcome to Haloze

The landscape of thousands of rolling hillsides gives the viewer the impression that they are floating weightless in their playfulness under the sun finding shade in the green valleys. 

The serene and peaceful scenery was appealing for the Austrian aristocracy, to whom the land once belonged; that they built their summer residences scattered around this beautiful country side. Haloze is a land of exceptional cultural and artistic monuments of original cultural heritage, fine wines and culinary delights. And it is a land of kind people, who cultivated this land for centuries.  Due to the fertile soil, high temperatures, high number of clear days, Haloze has the most favorable conditions for growing vines. All of the tasks of viticulture must be executed on foot and by hand. Tradition, experience & imagination combine to make each wine an individualistic experience. Would you like to have a glimpse of this hidden natural heaven? 






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